To register as a YMRR Map Distributor, your business needs to be a current active member of the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association.

Upon signing up for the new financial year, you will then be able to register as a Map Distributor. This will come in the form of an inclusion you can ‘buy-into” on the corporate website.

  • Level of Active Membership must be Standard and above
  • Maps are not to be left in large quantities somewhere for the public to pick up without engagement from the Map Distributor. The map is to be a tool to engage with your customers and to promote the region.
  • Registration for maps will open every season to coincide with the YMRR Magazine seasonal releases.
  • Map Distributors still need to register for the amount of maps they need for every season (3 months), this amount is to be negotiated with the MRBTA.
  • Map distributors will be notified when their maps are ready to be picked up. Please note that if you come in sooner, the maps will not be in stock or available for you.
  • Map Distributors agree that they will only use the most up to date version of the YMRR Map.\
  • To optimise efficiency, please arrange to pick up your maps with your magazines. We expect members to only hold up to 3 months worth of maps at any one time.
  • Members have 1 week from notification that their maps are ready to be collected to pick up their orders. If the maps are not picked up by the deadline, they will be given to the next member that comes in and you will need to put through another order.