MRBTA receives visitor estimates for the Margaret River region (from Busselton to Augusta) every three months, via Tourism Research Australia and Tourism Western Australia.

Visitor Estimates: Year Ending March 2019

Intrastate overnight visitor numbers to the region increased by almost 17%, ahead of state-wide growth of 9%.  At the state level, intrastate visitor expenditure increased by 21% and the number of intrastate visitor nights increased by 8%.

Interstate overnight visitor numbers to the region increased by almost 35%, ahead of a state-wide increase of 16%.  At the state level, interstate visitor expenditure increased by 22% and the number of interstate visitor nights increased by 18%.  Spend figures were even more pronounced amongst leisure visitors, of which a higher proportion visit MRR.

International overnight visitor numbers to the Margaret River region increased by 7.5% for the YE March 2017, ahead of a state-wide decline of -1.2%.  This is likely a result of the higher proportion of leisure visitors to the region (the state experienced declines across VFR, business and education visitation).  At the state level, international visitor expenditure by leisure visitors was up by 14.8% and nights were up 3.8%.

This is a very different picture from 12-18 months ago, when visitation and spend was down across almost all markets.

Note: spend and night data is not reported at the MRR level.

YE Mar-17 YE Mar-18 YE Mar -19 % Change 3 year AAGR^
Intrastate Daytrip Visitors 1,099,000 974,000 1,304,000 33.9% 8.9%
Intrastate Overnight Visitors 1,222,000 1,242,000 1,319,000 16.7% 5.4%
Interstate Overnight Visitors 136,000 129,000 179,000 34.6% 14.7%
International Overnight Visitors 130,600 129,300 139,000 +7.5% +3.2%

Visitor Estimates: Year Ending December 2018

Visitation from all markets to the Margaret River Region was up for the YE December 2018.

Intrastate overnight visitor numbers grew by 5.5%, behind state-wide growth of 13.6%.

Interstate visitation grew by almost 38%, ahead of state-wide growth of 18%.  At the state level, spend grew by 18% and nights grew by 5% (note: spend and nights are not collected at the MRR level).  The growth in interstate visitation to the Margaret River Region is likely a result of a MRR campaign run on the East Coast by Tourism WA in August 2018.

International visitation grew by 18%, ahead of state-wide growth of 2%.  At the state level, spend was flat and nights were down 5% (note: spend and nights not collected at the MRR level). It is interesting to note 2016 marked peak international visitor numbers to the region, so it is pleasing to see numbers bouncing back.  It is reasonable to be confident about international numbers continuing to increase in future, following TWA’s recent announcement of a further $12 million for international marketing in key markets (doubling TWA’s current spend), which have a demonstrated desire to travel to the Margaret River region.

YE Dec-16 YE Dec-17 YE Dec-18 Growth % 3 Year AAGR^

International Overnight Visitors









Interstate Overnight Visitors









Intrastate Overnight Visitors










Total Overnight Visitors









Intrastate Daytrip Visitors








Visitor Estimates: Year Ending September 2018

Visitation from all markets, except intrastate daytrippers to the Margaret River Region is markedly up for the YE Sep 2018.  International visitation is still lagging behind 2016 numbers, but showing signs of improvement.

Due to sample sizes, spend data is not captured for the Margaret River Region.  Data at the Australia’s South West level suggest that spend per person/trip for domestic and international visitation has declined.  This is consistent with feedback from members about the Christmas/New Year period in particular, that while there seems to be a good number of visitors around, they are not undertaking as many paid activities as they have in the past.

YE Sep-16 YE Sep-17 YE Sep-18 % Change 3 year AAGR^
Interstate Overnight Visitors


130,000 159,000 22.3%


Intrastate Overnight Visitors


1,282,000 1,368,000 6.7%


Intrastate Daytrip Visitors*


1,161,000 1,053,000 -9.3%




122,800 132,200 7.7%


Visitor Estimates: Year Ending June 2018

In the year ending June 2018, there were 1,483,000 domestic overnight visitors into MRR which is an increase of 5.9% on the previous year. There were also 1,059,000 intrastate daytrips into MRR which is a decline of 11.1% on the previous year, however the 3-year AAGR is positive.

It’s pleasing to see a recovery from our interstate market, with numbers and spend both up for Western Australia for the year ending June 2018.  The Margaret River Region has performed well, recording a 14% increase in interstate visitation over the last three years.

Intrastate visitation over the last three years is slightly down, resulting in static domestic visitor numbers.

YE Jun-16 YE Jun-17 YE Jun-18 % Change 3 year AAGR^
International Overnight Visitors  132,100 128,600  130,500 1.5% -0.6%
Interstate Overnight Visitors 127,000 127,000 165,000 29.9% 14.0%
Intrastate Overnight Visitors 1,342,000 1,274,000 1,318,000 3.5% -0.9%
Total Overnight Visitors 1,469,000 1,401,000 1,483,000 5.9% 0.5%
Intrastate Daytrips 887,000 1,191,000 1,059,000 -11.1% 9.3%