Annual Seasonal Itinerary on 2019/20


Buy-in to a seasonal itinerary on, providing a suggested, bookable schedule for visitors. Includes a map listing, and short description of the experience/s offered to visitors by your business. See an example here.

Great For…

Reaching visitors with a bookable product in the planning/booking stage, when they are becoming likely to make purchases.

Target Audience

Visitors in the planning or booking stage of the visitor journey, via the destination website Format is optimised for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

This target audience is reached via our distribution channels, including across social media (cumulative audience of >90K people) and EDM (subscriber base of >40K people).

Reach receives more than 200,000 unique page views per month. Itineraries receive ~8,000 of these, driving website traffic direct to your Member Page which see a 300-400% increase in traffic as a result of inclusion.

Advertising Period 

Annual buy-in.

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