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Contribute: Quarterly Visitation & Spend Survey (October – December 2020)

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Our team is currently working to gather further details on gaps in visitation so that we can plan our marketing and advocacy activity accordingly. We are asking all members to contribute to our simple quarterly survey to help identify trends in visitor numbers and spend.  The survey is completely anonymous...
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December Destination Marketing Snapshot

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As we make our way through peak tourism season the region is bustling with visitors. Many member businesses are operating without the full complement of staff they need, which makes the outstanding customer service on display across the region all the more exceptional. While accommodation and hospitality venues are reporting strong holiday numbers, not all segments of…

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Jetstar Route Marketing Update

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Since Jetstar announced the Melbourne-Busselton direct air service the overwhelming theme of our conversations with members has been around how the route marketing is working; what’s being done to market the route, and how businesses can leverage the opportunity. Earlier this year we put together this explainer article to help…

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Cashless Transactions: The Way of the Future?

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Selecting and implementing the right technology in your business can be overwhelming and confusing. As technology continues to advance, the choices become endless and it is understandable many businesses choose to throw it in the ‘too hard basket’ and continue doing business the way they have done in the past….

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