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Marketing your business via the Your Margaret River Region brand.

What is the YMRR Brand?

The Your Margaret River Region brand is creative, adventurous, laid-back and sociable. We value authenticity, connection, a pristine environment and diversity in every sense.

These characteristics are reflected across our digital channels: they define the tone and personality of every piece of content we share. But at its core, our brand is built from your experiences. Together we can best tell the story of this region.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive customer action. Content marketing is really about your audience, and you must appear in front of that audience as often as possible to keep your product or service front-of-mind.

We share a variety of online content on our destination website, Some of this is drawn from the Your Margaret River Region magazine, which is independently produced and distinctly editorial in nature. To provide our members with opportunities to reach our growing audience, we also create and share content specifically for the purposes of marketing the Margaret River region. This content forms our Seasonal Content Plan, which is explained below. The plan is designed to help members reach visitors at different stages of the Visitor Journey, pictured right.

What is the Annual Content Plan?

The MRBTA Marketing Team has prepared an annual content plan which outlines content to be published up to Winter 2020.  Each season, this content plan offers up to 10 opportunities for Native Content features or inclusions, campaign partnership opportunities, and an unlimited amount of advertising opportunities available to members each month.

The purpose of this Content Plan is to ensure a streamlined approach to marketing the Margaret River region as a must-visit destination across the MRBTA’s many platforms, as well as to provide clear and plentiful opportunities for members to reach more potential visitors via the YMRR digital channels.
To discuss ways your business can get involved in this season’s marketing efforts, get in touch with your Membership Team, or read on to learn more about our Marketing Products.

Where is Our Audience?

Between the Margaret River region destination website, YMRR social media accounts, the YMRR Mobile App and our Consumer Subscriber Lists, the YMRR annual audience consists of some 1million people. A break-down of who’s looking where is below.

Facebook Followers
Instagram Followers
Annual Website Visitors
Newsletter Subscribers

Our Marketing Products

How can you reach that audience? Buy-in to our Seasonal Content Plan, which contain a number of marketing opportunities. The Marketing Products available to members are detailed below.

If you would like to purchase multiple products, please get in touch with the Membership team via Email or phone (08) 9780 5959 to discuss the best solution for your business.

Native Content on

Native content is visual or written content that fits ‘natively’ within the existing tone or style of a given platform. Native Content tends to be more trustworthy than traditional advertising and enables businesses to tell a story and grow brand awareness with consumers.

There are four ways members can access Native Content within the YMRR Seasonal Content Plan:

  • Native Content Blog Inclusion – inclusion of your business in a listicle-style article on MR.Com
  • Dedicated Blog – exclusive feature on your business on MR.Com
  • Campaign Partnership – tailored partnership including content, distribution and paid-spend campaigning
  • Seasonal Itinerary Inclusion – inclusion of your businesses in a Seasonal Itinerary on MR.Com

These are detailed further below.


Advertising remains highly relevant in an online context. If your business has a particular call to action or promotion to share, such as accommodation specials, new products or unique experiences, an advertisement on MR.Com is the way to go.

There is one way to access web advertising within the Seasonal Content Plan:

  • Display Web Ad on MR.Com

This is detailed below.


While it is important to create engaging content for your business, it is equally important that it reaches the appropriate audience in a timely manner. YMRR has multiple distribution channels including social media and Electronic Direct Messaging (EDM, or Email Marketing), which means that your content will always reach a large, varied and (where possible) targeted audience.

There are three ways to access distribution within the Seasonal Content Plan:

  • Consumer EDM Ad
  • Media EDM Ad
  • Member EDM Ad

These are detailed further below.

Still have questions? Get in touch with your Membership Team today.