Digital Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing Tips

One to watch: Facebook travel recommendations

We're excited about Facebook's recently launch 'Recommendations' tool, which enables people to ask their friends, family, and local groups for recommendations on Facebook and organise all of the responses onto a single map. reports that "Chances are, you provide your own vacation recommendations to people, not to mention tips…
Jenny Lee
January 11, 2017
Digital Marketing Tips

Are you advertising on

With an average of 3,100 daily sessions (on smart phones, tablet & desktop) by visitors planning and booking their stay and activities, now is the time to make sure your business gets noticed. Travel ads on Google Search get an average click-through-rate of 2.18% and anything above that is considered very successful. So we're pretty happy…
Johanna Hamilton
December 21, 2016
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There is one simple thing you can do to increase visitation to your business. Watch this video.

Over the past year we've been painstakingly working on a new way to showcase your business to visitors.  And we're getting ready to launch. It will cut across our website, app and visitor centres (as well as some other projects we have in the wings) to create a seamless destination experience for visitors. Imagine…
Jenny Lee
December 16, 2016