Busselton Margaret River Regional Airport

The Busselton Margaret River Regional Airport is currently undergoing a $70 million redevelopment to allow for Regular Public Transport (RPT) air services.  The redevelopment will cater for B737 / A320 jet aircraft operations from interstate destinations including Melbourne and Sydney and international destinations in South East Asia and China.  The City of Busselton is working towards securing an airline to commence a Sydney and/or Melbourne route in September 2018.  For more detailed information about the project please visit: http://www.busseltonmargaretriverairport.com.au/.

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Airport: Next Stage at South West Focus Conference

The Busselton Regional Airport is the most significant infrastructure development in the region for many years. The recent announcement for the development of the airport will create immediate opportunities not only for construction but in long term economic sustainability. This lunch presentation will enable you to find out whats going…
Michelle Jacobsen
July 31, 2015